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Veterinary Housecalls on The Peak2013/11/13

Veterinary Housecalls on The Peak are conveniently and easily provided by Homevet Pet Housecall Service.

The Peak (or Victoria Peak ) is 552 metres above sea level, and is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island. Roads up to and around it include Old Peak Road, Barker Road, Mount Austin Road, Severn Road, Magazine Gap Road, Stubbs Road, and Lugard Road. The Peak is famous for its stunning panoramic views, but also for the slightly cooler weather because it’s so high up the hillside.

There are good walks in this neighborhood for pet owners, and dogs can enjoy the hiking down the South-side of the mountainside, to Aberdeen area.

The Peak doesn’t have a dedicated Veterinary clinic on it, but with lots of pets and a large residential area, there is a demand for housecall services and so we are able to provide a 7 day a week Housecall service here. We have a partner hospital situated very close by. And nowadays, most routine veterinary services are able to be provided in the home, in a caring manner which is less stressful for pets. Please contact us to book a housecall now with Homevet, on 9860 5522.