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LOHAS Park veterinary services2014/12/11

Lohas park veterinary services can be provided by Homevet pet housecall service.

LOHAS is an acronym for “lifestyle of health and sustainability” and this is the meaning behind the English name. The Chinese name means “sunrise health city”. The modern 330,000 meters squared estate is still being constructed, and by the end will comprise fifty residential towers. It was designed as an airy, spacious, place for people to live.

40% of the site area is a common area with greenery, and part of the greenery is now the Wan Po Road Pet Garden which is connected with the Tseung Kwan O South Waterfront Promenade. At 1.2 hectares in size, this pet park is said to be the biggest in Hong Kong. SCMP commented that there are areas dedicated to different sizes of dogs and facilities include a pet shower.

There are few shops or services currently in LOHAS park and the convenience (and care) of a vet housecall to see your pet at home is high. Lohas park veterinary services can be provided by our experienced vet at your flat. We see primarily cats and dogs.

Homevet has a good reputation for high quality professional veterinary home visits, at a reasonable cost. We can do wellness checks, vaccines, and examine ill animals all at the home. Emergencies or surgeries are referred to land based clinics. Please contact Homevet for more details on how we can assist with Lohas park veterinary services. We have Cantonese speaking veterinary assistants come with the veterinarian each time.