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HK Island Vet2014/06/24

hk island vet

HK island vet services are provided every day by Homevet Pet Housecall Service. We cover all of HK island, from Chai Wan to Western District, from the Peak to Pokfulam, in fact we service all areas of HK island. This cover extends to 7 days a week and evenings also.

Most of the time we provide a home-oriented service with our team focusing on Veterinary house calls; we have the support of a large partner HK Island Vet Hospital to provide extra facilities as required such as X-rays, hospitalization, and surgery.

We find that Veterinary Housecalls suit our clients and their pets and that nowadays most services can be done at home. Not just vaccines, but also routine blood tests or blood pressure tests are also easy to do at home. We don’t compromise our highest levels of professionalism and service, for any pets needing clinic care (such as surgery, or real emergencies needing oxygen) we have the support of a world-class Veterinary Hospital on Hong Kong Island- and we are able to refer immediately to Specialists as needed also.

Please call Homevet on 98605522 to schedule an appointment with Dr Matthew Murdoch today.