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Cat Housecalls by the Vet2015/08/29

Cat housecalls by the vet are vey popular with cat owners in Hong Kong, due to the reduced stress that cats feel as they don’t need to travel to a veterinary clinic. To go to a veterinary clinic, cats... Read More

Exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong2015/08/28

Exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong can be a complex process. Pets leaving Hong Kong, need various export permits and import permits to their destination. Dogs and cats entering or brought... Read More

Ringworm in cats2015/04/19

Ringworm is a common skin infection in cats and the feline species seem much more susceptible to this type of skin infecton than dogs. It’s easily spread between cats and is more common to emerge in c... Read More

Heart Disease in Cats2015/04/19

Heart disease in cats is a serious medical condition. In cats, heart disease often shows no symptoms until the disease is very progressed. Many of the conditions are congenital meaning the cat can be ... Read More

Fanling Veterinary Services2015/01/19

Fanling Veterinary Services are provided by Homevet. Homevet provides professional veterinary services to the pets living in Fanling, Sheung Shui, and all other parts of the New Territories (as well a... Read More