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The Advantages of a House Call Veterinarian2021/04/04

The Advantages of a House Call Veterinarian In recent times it’s become more and more difficult to make an appointment at your local vet. The pandemic might also mean that you have the stress of waiti... Read More

How to Give Medication to Your Cat2021/04/04

There are a few different ways to give your cat medication depending on what type of medication it is and also what’s actually wrong with your cat. Unfortunately, cats are one of the hardest pets to m... Read More

How to get a sick pet to eat2021/04/04

How to get a Sick Pet to Eat Animals can lose their appetite for a number of reasons. It may be that there’s a serious issue, or they may just be feeling a little under the weather that day. Whatever ... Read More

How Pets Can Help with People’s Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic2021/04/04

We’re all finding the pandemic tough in one way or another. For some we’re missing spending time with friends and relatives or others, it’s going into a normal working environment to... Read More

Measuring blood pressure in Pets2017/09/24

At Homevet we are Measuring blood pressure on a daily or weekly basis at pets homes. Hypertension (high blood pressure) can be due to some of the following reasons: Causes of hypertension: renal disea... Read More

Stanley vet Housecall service.2016/10/14

Stanley vet housecall service. The beautiful town of Stanley is close to Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island, and is a popular  destination for tourists as well as a place to enjoy letting your furry frie... Read More

Atopica in Dogs2015/09/02

Atopica in dogs is a skin medication used in some allergic conditions. This drug is one of those used to help relieve the severe itching seen in dogs and cats who are affected by atopic dermatis (or &... Read More

Arthritis injections in dogs2015/09/02

Arthritis injections in dogs are used to keep elderly dogs active. In particular, Arthritis is a disease condition affecting the joints. The cartilage lining the joint is worn down, causing pain. We l... Read More

Veterinary Prescription diet food delivery Services2015/09/02

Veterinary prescription diet food delivery services are provided by Homevet. We can arrange delivery of any of the prescription diet ranges from Royal Canin, and Hills. Prescription diets are diets wh... Read More

Cat Housecalls by the Vet2015/08/29

Cat housecalls by the vet are vey popular with cat owners in Hong Kong, due to the reduced stress that cats feel as they don’t need to travel to a veterinary clinic. To go to a veterinary clinic, cats... Read More

Exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong2015/08/28

Exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong can be a complex process. Pets leaving Hong Kong, need various export permits and import permits to their destination. Dogs and cats entering or brought... Read More

Ringworm in cats2015/04/19

Ringworm is a common skin infection in cats and the feline species seem much more susceptible to this type of skin infecton than dogs. It’s easily spread between cats and is more common to emerge in c... Read More

Heart Disease in Cats2015/04/19

Heart disease in cats is a serious medical condition. In cats, heart disease often shows no symptoms until the disease is very progressed. Many of the conditions are congenital meaning the cat can be ... Read More

Fanling Veterinary Services2015/01/19

Fanling Veterinary Services are provided by Homevet. Homevet provides professional veterinary services to the pets living in Fanling, Sheung Shui, and all other parts of the New Territories (as well a... Read More

Pancreatitis in cats2015/01/09

Pancreatitis in cats is a worrying condition. Feline pancreatitis is surrounded by myth and mystery, as many of the symptoms are pretty vague- and even until recently (with the advance of modern ultra... Read More

LOHAS Park veterinary services2014/12/11

Lohas park veterinary services can be provided by Homevet pet housecall service. LOHAS is an acronym for “lifestyle of health and sustainability” and this is the meaning behind the English... Read More

Feline cystitis- Lower Urinary Tract Disease in Cats?2014/11/16

Feline cystitis is an uncomfortable but also even a dangerous medical condition in pets. Urinary tract disorders are classified as “upper” or “lower”. For example, an infection... Read More

Veterinary Services in Hang Hau2014/11/02

Hang Hau is a residential area in the East of Kowloon at the edge of the New Territories. It is located at the eastern edge of the Tseung Kwan O New Town. Flats here include Residence Oasis, La Cité N... Read More

Feliway for Cats2014/10/07

What is Feliway for cats and how does it work? At Homevet, we often recommend the use of Feliway for cats to help them cope with stressful situations like moving house, or renovation noise, or living ... Read More

FIP in cats (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)2014/10/07

FIP in cats is a final frontier for veterinary science and a problem we need to solve fast. Unfortunately FIP is quite common in HK. “Imagine a disease that is infectious yet not contagious, has 100% ... Read More

Vets for Fairview Park, in Yuen Long2014/09/14

Fairview Park is the largest single low-rise residential development in Hong Kong. Homevet pet housecall service sees many pets here, perhaps partially because there are not many nearby vets for Fairv... Read More

What is the origin of the saying “cats have 9 lives “?2014/09/14

When people say that cats have 9 lives, often it’s because of the natural flexibility and gracefulness cats show in life-threatening situations like a fall- which often leave cats unharmed. Occasional... Read More

FIP in cats2014/09/09

FIP in cats (Feline Infectious peritonitis) is a terrible disease which takes our pets lives when they are still young. Depressingly, most efforts at vaccination and treatment have not worked well. It... Read More

Home Delivery Service2014/06/24

Homevet’s pledge: Your pet’s medication, delivered to your door. Homevet offer a Home Delivery Service for pet food and pet medications. Place your order from home through our website (onl... Read More

HK Island Vet2014/06/24

HK island vet services are provided every day by Homevet Pet Housecall Service. We cover all of HK island, from Chai Wan to Western District, from the Peak to Pokfulam, in fact we service all areas of... Read More

Dog Vaccinations2014/06/24

Annual dog vaccinations are required to protect against Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, and other infectious diseases. The exact frequency of doing the inoculations is dependent on a number of f... Read More

Itchy dog in Hong Kong2014/05/10

  In Hong Kong the weather is hot and humid in the Summer, and this means that its easy for mild skin problems to become more serious. The case of having an itchy dog in Hong Kong is very common as th... Read More

Vaccinations for cats2014/05/10

  What vaccinations for cats are recommended? Feline calicivirus and feline herpes virus type I are responsible for 80-90% of infectious feline upper respiratory tract diseases. It’s highly recommende... Read More

Toxoplasmosis in cats2014/05/10

  What is toxoplasmosis? Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii). They can lay eggs (oocysts). Contact with oocyst-contaminated dirt (soil, o... Read More

Blood in Cats stool2014/05/10

  If there is blood in cats stool (or blood in dogs stool) then it’s clearly worrying and concerning for pet owners,  and many people contact us about this. There are a lot of conditions that can caus... Read More

Supplements for older dogs2014/04/22

Some older dogs will benefit from nutritional supplements. Ageing dogs have some special needs including possibly special nutritional needs, and some of those can be supplied in the form of supplement... Read More

Pet insurance in HK2014/04/22

Pet insurance in HK is generally a good idea as veterinary bills can be expensive and so insurance is a good way to spread the cost out. For responsible pet parents, pet health insurance is just one o... Read More

Mast Cell Tumour2014/04/07

At Homevet, we have started using Palladia to treat inoperable Mast cell tumor in dogs. These are the second most common malignant tumor type and can account for approximately 20% of all skin tumors i... Read More

Cat flu2014/04/07

Cat flu is a common condition in cats with a wide variety of symptoms such as sneezing watery eyes and eye or mouth ulcers. In can vary in severity and be very serious and also contagious. At Homevet ... Read More

Chronic renal failure in Cats2014/02/12

Chronic renal failure – What is it? Chronic renal failure or CRF (now often called Chronic kidney disease or CKD) is probably the most common condition affecting old cats worldwide including in ... Read More

Heartworm disease2014/02/11

Heartworm disease really is a tropical disease and is the stuff of nightmares. A mosquito can bite your dog, resulting in, 6 months or more later, worms with lengths of more than twelve inches, in the... Read More

Kennel Cough in HK2014/01/20

Kennel Cough is an infectious disease which causes a frequent and harsh or hacking cough, in dogs. It’s called Kennel Cough because its most commonly associated with outbreaks of this condition in dog... Read More

Pet Export Health Certificates2014/01/20

Pet export health Certificates are regularly done by Homevet as part of a role in checking the health of pets leaving Hong Kong. Hong Kong has quite a mobile population and the number of people reloca... Read More

Shek O Veterinary Service2014/01/19

Shek O Veterinary Service can be provided by Dr Matthew and his team at Homevet. We enjoy coming to the beautiful beach-side village of Shek O, in south-eastern HK. Homevet is Hong Kong’s mobile house... Read More

Feline Vets in Hong Kong2014/01/19

Feline Vets in Hong Kong- Homevet Veterinary Practice caters for a lot of cats. For cat lovers, we offer a truly dog-free environment- your home! (Assuming you have no dogs!) We are not exclusively-fe... Read More

Blood pressure measurement in cats2014/01/19

Blood pressure measurement in cats often needs to be done as they get older, to look for kidney related hypertension. Chronic renal failure is fairly common in senior cats, and hypertension often goes... Read More

Homevet in the Media2014/01/05

See the video of what we do! Homevet has had Media attention in the SCMP when they spent 3 days with us in August 2013, resulting in the video Read More

Vet in Tin Hau2014/01/03

Vet in Tin Hau: Tin Hau and Tai Hang are closely connected areas and Homevet does regular veterinary  housecalls here. The Area: Tin Hau  is in eastern Causeway Bay, it’s close to an MTR (Tin Hau Stat... Read More

Tai Po Kau Veterinary Services2013/12/28

Tai Po Kau Area: Tai Po Kau Veterinary Services: where is Tai Po Kau? Tai Po Kau is an area south of the town of Tai Po in Hong Kong. It is located at the estuary of rivers and Tai Po Hoi. It’s an int... Read More

Tai Tam Vet2013/12/16

Tai Tam Vet Services are provided by Homevet. Dr Matthew of Homevet has been working in Hong Kong for 8 years and is very familiar with all the medical conditions which pets get locally. With nearly 1... Read More

Causeway Bay Vet2013/12/16

 Causeway Bay Vet services are provided by Homevet Housecall Service. We can attend to pets in the home, doing vaccines and health checks there, as well as more complex items like ultrasound and blood... Read More

Ap Lei Chau Vet2013/12/12

Homevet provides a lot of Ap Lei Chau Vet services, because there is no fixed clinic on Ap Lei Chau. With our housecall service, it’s easy for us to visit here- and the pets love the comfort of that! ... Read More

Vet in Pokfulam2013/11/18

There is no clinic with a Vet in Pokfulam, however Homevet Pet Housecall Service do come to Pok Fu Lam very often and have many clients in this region. Nowadays veterinary housecalls are more than goo... Read More

Veterinary Housecalls on The Peak2013/11/13

Veterinary Housecalls on The Peak are conveniently and easily provided by Homevet Pet Housecall Service. The Peak (or Victoria Peak ) is 552 metres above sea level, and is the highest mountain on Hong... Read More

Parkview Veterinary House-calls2013/11/13

Parkview Veterinary House-calls:  Parkview is a very large private residential estate adjacent to the Tai Tam Country Park, and with a view over the southern coastline of Hong Kong Island. Being surro... Read More

HK Gold Coast Vet2013/11/10

HK Gold Coast Vet services can be easily provided by our veterinary House call service which stretches right across all of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Gold Coast region approximately extends from Sam Shi... Read More

Happy valley vet housecalls2013/11/08

Happy valley vet housecalls are conveniently and lovingly provided in a stress-free way by Homevet Pet Housecall Service. We operate on a 24/7 basis. Happy Valley: This is a residential area in Hong K... Read More

Kowloon Tong Vet2013/11/08

Kowloon Tong Vet services are conveniently and comfortably provided 7 days a week, by Homevet Pet Housecall Service. Kowloon Tong area Kowloon Tong is a beautiful old residential district, and it is a... Read More

Yuen Long Veterinary Services2013/11/03

Yuen Long veterinary services are provided by Homevet pet housecall service. We have a mobile service and can cover the whole region easily. Yuen Long is situated in the northwest of the New Territori... Read More

Vet Hong Kong2013/11/01

Vet Hong Kong: what is life like as a vet in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is a fascinating exciting place, known for its famous skyline and deep harbour. With a population of seven million people, lots of sky... Read More

Dog Training in Hong Kong2013/10/30

Dog training in Hong Kong is invaluable and can result in better behaved pets and a more harmonious household. Homevet can help give you recommendations on how to train your pets, and in addition we c... Read More

Wu Kai Sha Vet2013/10/24

  Wu Kai Sha Vet services are conveniently provided by Homevet. Wu Kai Sha is located between Sai Sha Road and Sha On Street, near the edge of Ma On Shan town. It used to be one of a few small village... Read More

Tseung Kwan O Vet2013/10/20

Tseung Kwan O vet services are provided regularly by Homevet. Tseung Kwan O (also called Cheung Kwan O, or TKO, or Junk Bay) is a bay in Sai Kung region.  Before the development of the new town, this ... Read More

Pet Relocation2013/10/17

At Homevet we can offer advice on pet relocation, or pet moving from Hong Kong, (outbound or inbound). We want to help de-stress your upcoming move. Homevet doesn’t directly handle the full pet export... Read More

Is it right to put to sleep pets?2013/10/17

To put to sleep, put down, euthanize an animal, these are all different ways of saying the same thing- a veterinarian giving a strong anesthetic injection, which allows a sick animal to pass away gent... Read More

Southside Vet2013/10/15

Homevet is a Southside Vet Housecall Service and we visit many pets in this stretch of HK, as well as elsewhere over the territory. The South-side includes: Repulse Bay , Deep Water Bay ,South Bay , S... Read More

Ultrasound Vet in HK2013/10/15

Homevet is fairly unique in having an additional service of being a mobile Ultrasound Vet in HK. An ultrasound scan, also referred to as a sonogram, scan, and ultrasonography, or ultra-sound, is a typ... Read More

Mid-Levels Vet2013/10/05

Mid-levels Vet house-calls are an important part of Homevet’s weekly calendar. With our veterinary housecall service, we reach all over Hong Kong and provide tailored convenient medical care str... Read More

Cat vet in HK2013/09/05

Homevet are a useful Cat vet in HK- look at the questions below: What do cats like? Many cats are very individual and different- Maybe your cat loves for you to rub its coat softly and to scratch betw... Read More

Vet in Sai Kung2013/08/18

Homevet has quite a lot of Sai Kung based veterinary housecalls, due to the fact that this area has so many pet owners, spread over many small villages. If you want a vet in Sai Kung, call us because ... Read More

Housecall Vet in Hong Kong2013/08/14

Housecall vet in Hong Kong The services of a Housecall vet in Hong Kong, are a generally relatively new phenomenon for most people and people are excited to hear that compassionate and quality care is... Read More

Home pet euthanasia2013/08/14

  Euthanasia of pets is a difficult and emotional journey, but unfortunately some animals may be in such massive pain or suffering that euthanasia is one of the only choices left. While some pets die ... Read More

Vet in Tai Po2013/08/14

Tai Po is fortunate in having quite a large amount of green areas which is rare in Hong Kong’s towns. So there are plenty of places to walk dogs. Homevet has done quite a few housecalls in this ... Read More

Vet in Tung Chung2013/08/03

Homevet is the new vet in Tung Chung. We have recently visited pets in Caribbean Coast, as well as other residences in Tung Chung, on Lantau Island. Although we have no fixed base in Tung Chung, we ar... Read More

Mobile Vet in Hong Kong2013/07/31

Mobile Vet- what is it? With a mobile veterinary service, we can bring the same quality of care, state of the art equipment, and level of services found at the veterinary clinic, to you. In fact we be... Read More

Vet in Hong Kong- frequently asked Questions for Homevet2013/07/28

 What is different between a mobile vet and going to the clinic? Vet clinics and hospitals can be scary places, and many pets are nervous of going there, and also even nervous of being caught and put ... Read More

Tick Fever in Hong Kong2013/07/27

Tick Fever in Hong Kong is much more common that you might think. In the last year, I have seen cases on approximately a weekly basis.  I’ve unfortunately even seen pets die from the disease or compli... Read More

Prescription Pet Food delivery in Hong Kong2013/07/18

Homevet can do prescription pet food delivery;  delivery of the diets to your door, saving you hassle and inconvenience. Currently we mainly just focus on providing prescription or medical diets, tail... Read More

Clearwater Bay Vet Services2013/07/17

Where is Clearwater bay? Clear Water is a bay on the East shore of Clear Water Bay Peninsula of Hong Kong, and it is inside Clearwater Bay Country Park. The two main beaches in Clear Water Bay, are ca... Read More

Leptospirosis in Hong Kong. Anything one can do?2013/07/13

  Sadly a friend of mine’s dog died last week with Leptospirosis. I wanted to write a bit more about Canine leptospirosis so we can try to eliminate these kind of tragedies happening. Personally I hav... Read More

Pet Cremation: What happens to pets when they pass away?2013/07/10

Nobody wants our pets to leave us. And when they pass away, we want to know that there are truly at peace and in a safe place. For this reason, we recently decided to visit some of the Hong Kong pet c... Read More

What is the benefit of Subcutaneous fluids in Pets?2013/07/02

Subcutaneous (SQ) fluid administration is the phrase used to describe giving fluids into the space under the skin (subcutaneous tissue) from where it can then be slowly absorbed into the blood and bod... Read More

An important message for all Hong Kong dog owners about Heat Stroke:2013/06/29

Last week it was raining all the time, but finally we can have a few sunny days now, although it seems a bit too hot?! Homevet would like to remind every pet owner, please stay alert to prevent your p... Read More

HK island: pet housecall’s here, and where else?2013/06/16

Part from HK Island,what areas do we do go to to do housecalls? Well actually we go everywhere and anywhere. The more common places are as follows. Certainly we are happy to come to do a home visit in... Read More

What is Pet Hospice, or Veterinary Hospice care for pets?2013/06/12

Hospice Services are very misunderstood! Hospice doesn’t mean cremation. Hospice care of pets doesn’t mean giving up. Veterinary Hospice is a family-centred service dedicated to maintaining comfort an... Read More