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Measuring blood pressure in Pets2017/09/24

At Homevet we are Measuring blood pressure on a daily or weekly basis at pets homes. Hypertension (high blood pressure) can be due to some of the following reasons: Causes of hypertension: renal disea... Read More

Stanley vet Housecall service.2016/10/14

Stanley vet housecall service. The beautiful town of Stanley is close to Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island, and is a popular  destination for tourists as well as a place to enjoy letting your furry frie... Read More

Atopica in Dogs2015/09/02

Atopica in dogs is a skin medication used in some allergic conditions. This drug is one of those used to help relieve the severe itching seen in dogs and cats who are affected by atopic dermatis (or &... Read More

Arthritis injections in dogs2015/09/02

Arthritis injections in dogs are used to keep elderly dogs active. In particular, Arthritis is a disease condition affecting the joints. The cartilage lining the joint is worn down, causing pain. We l... Read More

Veterinary Prescription diet food delivery Services2015/09/02

Veterinary prescription diet food delivery services are provided by Homevet. We can arrange delivery of any of the prescription diet ranges from Royal Canin, and Hills. Prescription diets are diets wh... Read More