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Veterinary Prescription diet food delivery Services2015/09/02

Veterinary prescription diet food delivery services are provided by Homevet. We can arrange delivery of any of the prescription diet ranges from Royal Canin, and Hills. Prescription diets are diets where veterinary nutritional experts have worked in conjunctiom with other specialist veterinarians, to make the best possible diets to aid the recovery and healing of pets with various different medical conditions. Diets are available for cardiac conditions, osteoarthritis, renal problems, liver disease, skin disorders, dental problems , intestinal problems, and so on. Instead of home cooking a diet using certain types of protein or supplements, these companies have made a commercial dry or wet diet to fulfill the exact requirements of each of the pets with these different conditions.

Veterinary prescription diet food delivery can help simplify the order process and allow routine delivery of the foods. Its particularly helpful for large dogs requiring these feeds as we can deliver massive 12 or 14kg bags of the foods, or trays of the tins, which may otherwise be cumbersome to collect from the clinic.

Veterinary prescription diet food delivery is available, but also we can provide non-prescription diets like regular food suitable for each different life stage. We have contacts also with a high quality meat supplier and are able to help with recommendations if you chose a raw meat option.

Please email or call Homevet to arrange a prescription diet delivery. We will require a prescription from your vet, or to have seen your pet, or to have seen the notes from your regular clinic. This is all very easy to arrange. We hope that the team at Homevet can help to make purchasing and delivery of regular orders of prescription diets, as easy as possible for you.