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First Visit

Our aim is to make your home visit a friendly and pleasant experience for you and your pet.


Registration is simple – register via our registration form or call us directly on 9860 5522

Previous medical history
Usually we request your pet’s medical records from other vets your pet has seen recently. This allows us to become familiar with past medical issues that could be playing a role in your pet’s current condition and future health.

Parking availability and visitor permits
Ideally we kindly request a suggested suitable parking arrangement for your home visit; if you have a suggestion where we can park, please inform us when you make the booking. No problem if you don’t know!

Payment policy
Payment is normally due at the time of service. Payment options are credit card, cash or cheque.
For established clients, internet bank transfer is conveniently offered.


We will normally call your mobile or your house when we are on our way, to confirm our arrival time

For very nervous cats it is helpful to confine him/her to a single room shortly before the visit arrival time. Select an area in your home where you and your cat will feel at ease. Kitchens and living rooms are usually preferred. Avoid the bedroom (unless your cat cannot get under the bed) and rooms that cannot be closed off or have many hiding places.

If a blood test is required or anticipated, do not feed your pet for 8 hours prior to the visit. Always leave fresh water freely available.

Have your pet’s favourite treats available. We love to reward pets. They will love a treat after their examination, and can come to know that home visits can be pleasant and even fun!

Regarding nervous and potentially aggressive cats and dogs.
Home visits are often requested for very nervous or potentially aggressive pets. Many of these are successfully and calmly examined in their home. However, some are more defensive and confident in their own environment and are difficult to examine and treat. Please let us know if you think they are very nervous, so we can be well prepared!


We will normally provide you with a written report of the examination, by email, if you were not at home. And you can call us any time to discuss more about our findings.

We kindly request at least a few hours’ notice(preferably 24)  for cancellations, or you may be charged a callout fee. The same applies if your pets are not home for your scheduled visit.