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Cat Housecalls by the Vet2015/08/29

Cat housecalls by the vet are vey popular with cat owners in Hong Kong, due to the reduced stress that cats feel as they don’t need to travel to a veterinary clinic.

To go to a veterinary clinic, cats first need to be caught in a basket , then go in a taxi or car, and then wait in the waiting room of a veterinary hospital. Here they will smell other pets, and the disinfectant and medication smells of a pet hospital.

All of these steps are rather stressful for cats and so cat housecalls by the vet helps to reduce stress and keep the cats feeling good.

In a cat veterinary housecall, we are able to do many of the things which we can do in a hospital- we can collect blood, do cat blood pressure testing, and even do abdominal ultrasound. We are able to do bacterial culture and sensitivity testing, pancreatic lipase snap tests, and also viral tests for different conditions such as to rule out cat FIV, FeLV, Giardia, coccia, etc.

Cat housecalls by the vet save time and stress – cats are able to relax quickly after a proceedure like blood test collection, because they are in the familiar environment of home.

In Hong Kong, we travel around every day in our custom vehicle fleet- we bring the nurse and veterinarian together, allowing easier handling of pets and allowing Cantonese translation if required.

Please contact Homevet on 9860 -5522 if you would like to arrange Cat housecalls by the vet, in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, or the New Territories. Our prices are reasonable and we endeavor to give the best service possible- fast, efficient, caring, and loving.