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Arthritis injections in dogs2015/09/02

Arthritis injections in dogs are used to keep elderly dogs active. In particular, Arthritis is a disease condition affecting the joints. The cartilage lining the joint is worn down, causing pain. We look for medication and supplements which can aid this.

The main injection we use is Cartrophen , this contains pentosan polysulphate.

What is pentosan polysulphate?

Pentosan polysulphate is made from a type of sugar called a sulphated sugar. It is a simple water-soluble medicine made of the xylose sugar eg in beech bark.

Cartrophen injections has been shown to exhibit the following useful modes of action:

Stopping the destructive enzymes that break down cartilage , which is the body’s natural shock absorber

Stimulate the body’s production of cartilage (shiny smooth material lining the joints)

Stimulate the body’s production of a joint lubricant liquid so reduce the joint’s friction

Clear any potential blockages in blood vessels to deliver essential nutritional requirements to the affected joint and bone

Stimulate the production of anti-oxidants – that block the damaging ‘free radicals’.

We normally start with four Arthritis injections in dogs, one week apart.

It is essential that your dog complete all 4 injections of a course to ensure optimal benefit and modification of the disease process. Call Homevet or email us to discuss further or to arrange a pet Housecall appointment. By considering arthritis injections in dogs as part of the ‘holistic’ whole body approach to joint healing, and pet recovery and rehabilitation, we can avoid the use of stronger more potentially harmful medications- and keep your pet as comfortable for as long as possible.