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Mast Cell Tumour2014/04/07

At Homevet, we have started using Palladia to treat inoperable Mast cell tumor in dogs. These are the second most common malignant tumor type and can account for approximately 20% of all skin tumors in dogs. The best option for Mast Cell Tumour is always surgical removal, but if there has been spread already, or if the position is inoperable, Palladia is an option.

The nice thing about this form of Chemotherapy treatment is that it is available as tablets, which avoids having to have intravenous chemo medications at the clinic and prolonged stays there. So the focus can be comfort oriented as well as seeking a resolution of the cancer.

Please contact Homevet for more information and schedule an appointment with the veterinarian to discuss it. Convenience and care is what we are about. We understand that it is not always easy or practical to take your pet to a clinic and if they have been diagnosed with inoperable cancer, the priority is quality of life.

Additionally we believe that it is more beneficial for your pet if they can be mostly treated at home – Travelling to a vet clinic can be hugely stressful for some pets and can expose them to additional contagious diseases (such as kennel cough and parvovirus). We find home consultations allow our vet a better insight into your pet’s health. Call Homevet on 9860 5522 for details.