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FIP in cats2014/09/09

FIP in cats (Feline Infectious peritonitis) is a terrible disease which takes our pets lives when they are still young. Depressingly, most efforts at vaccination and treatment have not worked well.

It is a cat viral disease caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus.

Infection with coronavirus is actually very common in cats but most of the time it does not cause any problems, other than sometimes a mild diarrhea.

 Only around 5 to 10 percent of the cats with this progressed into FIP- usually by a mutation of the virus) and a strain of coronavirus emerges that has disease-causing potential.

The saddest thing is that for most FIP in cats, most pets that develop FIP are very young-  under two years of age; but cats of any age may develop the disease.

Another very difficult aspects of FIP also is that there is no simple diagnostic test.

In November 2005, the Winn Feline Foundation announced the creation of the Bria Fund to accept donations for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) research. You can help fight FIP by donating to the Bria Fund.

FIP Fighters is a useful Facebook support group for FIP cat owners.

At Homevet, we use Polyprenyl Immunostimulant and other medications in an effort to fight the condition. Contact us for any enquiries.