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Vets for Fairview Park, in Yuen Long2014/09/14

Fairview Park is the largest single low-rise residential development in Hong Kong. Homevet pet housecall service sees many pets here, perhaps partially because there are not many nearby vets for Fairview Park, in Yuen Long. Also pet owners value the convenience and care of a housecall veterinarian who can offer an unrushed home consultation.

Our veterinary Housecall service is particularly suited to seeing pets who live in a more rural residential area (like Fairview Park, or Palm Springs in Yuen Long, or Hong Lok Yuen estate near Tai Po). Fairview Park has more than 100 streets, and  over 60 green areas- so there are lots of dogs being walked here! We tend to see larger dog breeds here- as well as the high percentage of cats we tend to see (because most cat’s dislike travel to the veterinary hospital!).

To schedule an appointment in this part of Yuen Long, please give us a call on 9860 5522 or email us at