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Exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong2015/08/28

Exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong can be a complex process. Pets leaving Hong Kong, need various export permits and import permits to their destination.

Dogs and cats entering or brought into Hong Kong require a Special Permit obtained in advance from the HK Government AFCD Department. The purpose of this is for the prevention of the introduction of animal diseases including rabies into Hong Kong.

Your pet’s comfort and safety are our number one concern as you take your furry friend with you out of Hong Kong. Let our experience work for you. Our vet and manager both have ten years of experience working in Hong Kong and are familiar with the veterinary requirements for dog and cat import and export from Hong Kong.

Different countries/places impose different restrictions on the importation of animals, so applicants are advised to first obtain details of the requirements from both the government authority of the country/place of destination and from the airline or shipping company that will carry them. To avoid the potential confusion here, use of a partner export company is recommended to help manage this process. At Homevet we may not always be able to certify all of the latest required details for every country, so we work in partnership with a local HK pet export company. We do all the detailed veterinary aspects. These can involve pre-export pet health checks and pet health certificates. Sometimes this includes blood testing for certain conditions. For example some countries need Rabies blood test, and Australia may also require others eg also Leptospirosis and Leismaniasis. Exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong can be a step-by-step process taking a few months.

Sometimes it includes certification of preventative treatment against internal or external parasites. The export company we use in a collaborative partnership, manages the overall process (booking the flights, getting the pet carrier crates, and helping complete the paperwork) and completes the logistics aspects. Contact us for further details.

Dr Matthew will attend to your pets in the comfort of your own home for the veterinary health checks, certification and pre-export treatments; this reduces stress levels in a timid or nervous animal and actually is more pleasant an experience for all pets, compared with a trip to the clinic! This is a great difference that our company offers to our clients- and is helpful at a busy and stressful time when you maybe moving flat etc. Our team will ensure your pet is calm, comfortable and secure and work closely with partner relocation experts, to be sure all paperwork is in order and simplify your process of exporting pets or pet relocation from Hong Kong.