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Our Services

Best diagnostic medicine is dependent on a thorough examination and history. Our appointments average 30 minutes duration and we pride ourselves on our experience and diagnostic skills.

Homevet’s comprehensive home services include:

  • Consultations and Health Examinations
  • Wellness and preventative health care programmes
  • Home Hospice care
  • Vaccinations – tailored to your pets needs
  • Pet Passports and Export Health Certificates
  • Blood and other diagnostic tests
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • In-home abdominal ultrasound
  • Ocular pressure monitoring
  • Diabetes home monitoring program
  • Gentle at home end-of-life options
  • Microchipping

Hospitalisation, Surgery and Referral arrangements
If your pet requires further examinations, procedures, treatment or surgery that are unable to be done or completed in your home, arrangements will be made for these to be performed at an affiliated veterinary hospital. As part of our adherence to the highest safety standards, we won’t perform any anaesthesia and surgery at home or in a vehicle.

Our aim is to be the most convenient and caring veterinary service you have ever experienced.