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Pet Vaccinations

Dog and cat vaccines

Vaccination is a simple injection and is much more easily performed in the comfort of the home, rather than after a stressful trip to the clinic. Whether you are after cat vaccines for your precious feline or dog vaccinations, our team can provide you with an efficient solution. Administering dog and cat vaccines in your home is not only more comfortable for your pet, but also more convenient for you. Cost wise, if you have a few pets, then a house-call is actually no more expensive than a trip to the clinic.

Dogs and Cats are susceptible to a range of dangerous infectious diseases. Fortunately, we can immunise against most of these diseases making cases and epidemics rare but it is still very important to make sure your pet’s vaccination status is fully up to date, as the diseases are still a constant threat.


How Do vaccines work?

Vaccinations work by injecting your dog or cat with a small amount of an inactivated form of the disease. The injection is placed under your pet’s skin, and as your pet’s immune system recognizes the substances from the vaccine injection as foreign matter to the body, it begins to fight them. Next time your dog or cat’s body gets challenged with this virus or infection, it will be able to recognize and respond more quickly in the future.

Dogs are vaccinated against a full range of diseases including Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo virus and Leptospirosis.

A vaccine for Kennel Cough is recommended in high risk situations such as those experienced when taking your dog to kennels.

Rabies vaccination is required at least every three years, according to Hong Kong Government regulations.

Cat vaccines work against a range of viruses, including those that cause severe flu-like symptoms. There are also vaccinations against Panleukopaenia virus, which is a fatal gastroenteritis.

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Which pet vaccines are necessary? 

Whilst it is very important, the vaccination that your pet receives every year is only a very small part of what we do during your annual home visit. The full health examination that we carry out at the same time is actually also a tremendously important part of preventative health care for your pet.

We understand if you may question whether all of these vaccinations are necessary for pets, and so they can be discussed with the veterinarians. We’ll help you learn which are the core vaccinations and the non-core ones, which may vary depending on where you live.

If you are not personally at home when we check your pets, a written full health report is provided to you additionally at no extra cost.

Call our office now to learn more about our dog and cat vaccines or to make a booking for your pet.