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Veterinary Services in Hang Hau2014/11/02

Hang Hau is a residential area in the East of Kowloon at the edge of the New Territories. It is located at the eastern edge of the Tseung Kwan O New Town. Flats here include Residence Oasis, La Cité Noble, East Point City, Nan Fung Plaza, and On Ning Garden. Hang Hau has its own MTR station and it’s a short drive away from easy access to villages in Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay. Hang Hau got its name from a large water channel that led to the sea. In the old days, Hang Hau was on the sea front, facing Junk Bay! Land reclamation has changed this.

It’s a popular area for pet owners because of easy access to the countryside to Sai Kung and Clearwater bay.

For this area Hang Hau, and local to it- Veterinary Services in Hang Hau are easily provided by Homevet Vet housecall service. We drive around (the vet and the veterinary nurse) and provide a mobile veterinary home-care for any unwell animals in The Hang Hau and associated areas. We also can do vaccines at home, blood tests, and many other routine items which would be done in a clinic’s consulting room. Housecalls are low-stress for nervous cats and dogs.

Remove the stress of going to a veterinary hospital for your pet, and arrange a Housecall at home! If you live in this area and wish to make an appointment to try the advantages of Veterinary Services in Hang Hau at home, please give us a call. We serve many other areas also, but this is one of our key areas.