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Home Hospice Care

A Hospice is a Nursing Home for the care of the incurably ill patients. ‘Hospice care’ (or palliative care) offers a type of care and a philosophy of care, which focuses on the relieving of a seriously ill patient’s pain and symptoms through medications and tender nursing.

Home Hospice care means the vet working as a team with you, helping to provide excellent care at home, for days weeks or months.

The primary goal is to stabilize the medical condition, minimize pain and stress, and to provide supportive care and comfort at home, and thereby return to an improved quality of life. An example would be helping an old dog to stay mobile and able to walk.

dog_red_ballThe secondary goal (but equally important) of  Hospice care focuses on bringing comfort and tranquility to pets in the final months of life, and to support families in the last days and weeks of a pet’s life. With hospice care we want to ensure the family is educated, prepared and feels confident that they know what to do as their animal companions get older, and closer to the end.

We believe that in these months, for aged and debilitated patients, pets can benefit from the expert medical and home support that Homevet offers. Rather than repetitive trips to the clinic, and protracted or repeated stays in the hospital, perhaps some or all of this support can be provided in the home setting.

Discuss in a consultation with us how your pets symptoms and pain can be controlled, and discuss your goals of care. Homevet offers ‘palliative care assessments’ with appropriate management plans to suit you and your pet’s needs. If you would rather your pet spends their last weeks and days of life in their own home, and want to discuss ways the family can provide care and support to keep your pet at home, please contact us.