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Fanling Veterinary Services2015/01/19

Fanling Veterinary Services are provided by Homevet. Homevet provides professional veterinary services to the pets living in Fanling, Sheung Shui, and all other parts of the New Territories (as well as all over HK).

Fanling or Fan Ling is an area in the Northern New Territories, near Sheung Shui. It has public estates and private residential areas, and was developed as a new town in the 1970’s, as this was mainly a farming area before this. As well as the town, there are large areas of villages, such as along the Fan Kam Road where The Hong Kong Golf Club (Fanling) is based, and these places have space for larger dogs.

Homevet Veterinary Housecall Service operates a mobile service whereby we drive all over this area. We visit the home, and normally each time the veterinarian comes with an assistant, which makes handling of animals easy and calm. All the pets love the home visit service as its calm and unrushed, and far less stressful for dogs and cats, than the smells and sounds of a veterinary clinic. It’s easy for customers to schedule appointments also, around their calendar.