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Gentle At Home End-of-life Options

Different pet owners have different views on what to do at the end of an animal’s life, if there is pain and distress. Making the decision of how to help your beloved pet in this scenario is one of the most difficult and painful decisions you will make in your pet’s lifetime.

For some, hospice and palliative care is the right choice, and yes we can provide this at home. For others, euthanasia is an option. Animal euthanasia (from Greek, meaning “good death”) is the act of humanely putting an animal to ‘sleep’ to stop pain and distress. It is considered an act of kindness if a pet is suffering and no longer enjoying an acceptable quality of life – often from a terminal condition that is no longer responding to treatment.

At Homevet, our patients aren’t required to spend their last moments frightened or distressed in a hospital environment. Instead, they spend this time in the arms of the family members they love, on their favourite bed, blanket or lap. These final times together are most precious and we do our utmost to make those moments calm and peaceful.

We are here to support you through the decision-making process. We provide Quality of Life assessments where we spend considerable time discussing your pet’s health and the balance between what gives pleasure and what contributes to a poor quality of life. We do provide support for prolonged extensive home hospice care also, and can discuss this with you.

Whatever you choose, your pet is in its familiar home environment and comforted with you at his or her side. We want to ensure the family is educated, prepared and feels confident, as their companions get older, and closer to the end.

Cremation and Burial 

If your pet passes away, as animal lovers, we understand your feelings of loss for such a special and much loved family member. We have facilities to collect, and then arrange the cremation or burial of all companion animals. We can help you make the final arrangements to have your pet cremated and their ashes returned to you. Have peace of mind that they will have been treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.