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Cat flu2014/04/07

cat eyes

Cat flu is a common condition in cats with a wide variety of symptoms such as sneezing watery eyes and eye or mouth ulcers. In can vary in severity and be very serious and also contagious.

At Homevet we have a few medications to treat cat flu, in particular we stock a drug called Polyprenyl Immunostimulant. This is a US approved drug for symptoms associated with feline rhinotracheitis (herpes) virus infection (one of the types of cat flu). It works by upregulating innate Immunity and directing cellular immune response.
It is a safe product which aids in reduction of clinical signs resulting from rhinotracheitis infection in cats 8 weeks of age or older.
Herpes virus in cats can cause recurrent flu symptoms and this appears a relatively new and safe treatment option. Please ask the veterinarian for more details.