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Health Examinations

A thorough physical examination is the single most important procedure your veterinarian can perform. It is through the physical examination (health examination) that a majority of diseases may be detected, often in the early stages.

In the home, pets are calmer, and a more complete examination of your pets’ environment can be made, including possible contributing factors to behavioural or medical problems.

blue eye cat

We do many different types of Health Examination, including but not limited to-

-Regular consultations and rechecks

-Senior pet consultations

-Quality of life and palliative care assessments

-Health assessments prior to export


When we come to your home, our Veterinarian and an experienced Nursing Assistant arrive with all of the necessary equipment to do the majority of services that your pet might need. We like to think that anything that can be done in a consultation and examination room of a veterinary clinic, can also easily be done in the comfort of your own home. For example, a full physical examination, including taking blood or urine collection for laboratory analysis and vaccinations can all be done in your home or apartment.

When pets are sick, fluid therapy, medicine administration and cancer therapy or other treatments can be done in your home. Of course all Surgical, Radiographic and Emergency Intensive Care services are performed at our partner local Veterinary Hospital.