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Holiday Solutions

Your solution of what to do with your pets if you are going out of town, is an individual choice based on your pets needs as well as your own personal preferences.

We can suggest some reputable Kennels and catteries suitable for your requirements. These include Ferndale Kennels and Cattery in Sai Kung, Pet World in Yuen Long, Van Dego Kennels, and others. We can pass on details to you of good pet sitters and dog walkers.

Equally importantly, our Veterinarian can be in close contact with these centres or staff while you are away, or we can arrange for our vet or a nurse to visit your home every few days to check on any medical aspects of care of your pet while you are way, (e.g. especially useful for older pets, or pets with chronic conditions like diabetes).

Having a professional pet sitter or dog walker to take care of your pets when you leave home will help maintaining the physical fitness and psychological well-being of your pets. We recommend Pet Sitting Diary. They offer home pet sitting, dog walking, overnight pet sitting, pet boarding, and whole day pet sitting services to pet owners all over Hong Kong.

Wishyouwerehere is another great company we know offering cat sitting, dog walking and other services, for animal owners across Hong Kong.

In addition, we have been appointed as the vets to back up Royal Pets, a HK company helping pet owners to find pet sitters to care for their pets in their absence.

Our medical ‘back-up’ can provide peace of mind that the pets being cared for would have swift medical attention if ever needed while the owners were not around. Phone or email us to discuss how we could help; we are happy to answer any enquiries!