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Dental services

Bad breath can be an early sign of dental disease, which is estimated to affect at least 70% of adult dogs and cats.  As with people (but actually even more-so in animals), this is not just a cosmetic problem as the build-up of tartar on the teeth, traps bacteria within the mouth, which then eat away at the gums and cause teeth to become loose. In addition, these bacteria can spread to other organs in the body, affecting the whole health.

In the home visit, we assess the mouth on every visit, where we will give advice on preventative dental care.

Prevention is as always better than treatment. The best way to prevent dental disease is to keep the mouth as hygienic as possible and to reduce the rate at which tartar builds up on the teeth. Dr Matthew will give advice on this in the home consultation, and also feel free to contact him or our support staff at any time for further advice.

If the situation is worsening, treatment usually involves a dental scale and polish, which is carried out under general anaesthesia in our affiliated clinic.  We can collect your pet and transport them to our associated clinic where this procedure can be done, and then later the same day they will be dropped home. You will be telephoned at the start of the dental procedure once we have assessed how the situation is more exactly, and again at the end of the procedure to summarise how it went, and confirm the time your pet will be returned home.