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Tseung Kwan O Vet

Tseung Kwan O vet services are provided regularly by Homevet. Tseung Kwan O (also called Cheung ... Read More

HK island: pet housecall’s here, and where else?

Part from HK Island,what areas do we do go to to do housecalls? Well actually we go everywhere ... Read More

What is Pet Hospice, or Veterinary Hospice care for pets?

Hospice Services are very misunderstood! Hospice doesn’t mean cremation. Hospice care of pets ... Read More

Pet Passports and Exporting Pets

Paperwork can be complex for importing and exporting pets. Homevet doesn’t directly handle the ... Read More

Expertise And Facilities

Our lead vet Dr Matthew has almost 15 years of veterinary experience, and has undergone further ... Read More