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Expertise And Facilities

Our lead vet Dr Matthew has 20 years of veterinary experience, and has undergone further training. Experienced with dogs and cats but also rabbits and other ‘exotics’ and smaller pets.

A graduate of the prestigious Bristol (UK) University, he is a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK) and a lifetime member of the Hong Kong Veterinary Association. Extensive additional post-graduate  training, including completion of year-long courses in Surgery (2007) and Cardio-respiratory medicine (2009) run by Sydney University.

Our Practice Manager also has a similar amount of experience as a Veterinary Nurse.

We have many new portable technological devices to help us in both the diagnosis of pets illnesses, as well as their treatment. We have a customised vehicle to transport your pets if needed to clinics, where further treatment can be provided. We have links with other clinic where further advanced facilities are available.