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testimonials2 Thanks Dr.Matthew for take care of my Tong Tong. We trust him so much for doing any examinations and operations to Tong Tong. During each consultation, we could see how he loves the pet and considers what the pet needs. We are glad that Dr.Matthew has been one of the important person in the lives of our dog, Tong Tong, for over 19 years being with us.

– Phoebe (Tong Tong)

testimonials3 Dear Dr Matthew and Ashley,

We said our last goodbye to Mau Mau yesterday. Thank you very much for the advice and care in the last month during his sickness. We are very glad that we found Homevet, I see understandings and care which I don’t see from other vet clinics. Appreciate all the help you two gave us when we were lost in direction on how to treat Mau Mau


– Rachel (Mau Mau)

Sai B Going to the vet clinic has always been very traumatic for Meow Meow, my 15 year-old cat. The struggle into pet carrier, the hassling taxi ride, the long wait with other animals in the clinic, and the handling of different strangers were all extremely stressful for Meow Meow. At times, it was even impossible to perform examination on him because he was too scared and grumpy.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Matthew as our vet. When he comes to our home for a housecall, Meow Meow was able to be calm and back to being himself. Meow Meow could rest in the comfortable environment of our own home right after treatments, that makes both the cat and people feel much better. I believe animals can sense who truly cares for them. Thank you for expert treatments of my cat. Homevet will always be our first choice for veterinary care.

-Cherry (Meow Meow)

testimonials1 Dr Matthew, thank you very much for your tender towards my son, Jai Jai, during his final 1.5 year! Due to Jai Jai’s kidney failure illness, he had to receive s/c fluid in the clinic every day. Each time when you were giving him s/c fluid, you looked into his eyes and spoke to him very gently so as to help him relieve the stress. That’s why my boy likes you so much!

Several times when he’s hospitalized, no matter whether you were the principal doctor on that day, you would visit Jai Jai’s cage to check if he’s alright. When you noticed him vomited, you helped to investigate the reason. I appreciate very much that you don’t just do your own business. You really care about the health and the situation of Jai Jai with heart throughout the whole 1.5 year! This is very touching to me.

Good medical knowledge is a basic requirement for a doctor; however, to treat patients really with heart is not every doctor will do. You attend both the physical and psychological needs of animals. Really, a GREAT doctor!

– Coral (Jai Jai)

 Assisi Dr. Matthew Murdoch is a highly professional Vet. Before I found him, I had tried four other vets for my Pomeranian, Assisi.  Apart from the professional knowledge, his attention to details, physical exam skills and diagnostic abilities are unmatched. Moreover his care of Assisi is wonderful which gives me 100% confidence. And last but not least Dr. Matthew has medical ethics which I appreciated the most. All in all, I highly recommend him to anyone in need of their beloved pet’s health.  Truly thank him a lot.

-Anney (Assisi)

Sai B Sai bi was always a nervous little dog when it came to vet visit throughout his life. His health condition has been deteriorated over the past few months and I know his time has come to an end very soon after spending almost 16 years together. The last wish I had for Sai bi is to pass away peacefully at home as I don’t want him to be traumatized at the vet clinic during his last moment. Luckily I’ve found Dr Matthew and after a few emails and phone calls exchange, I had my lovely little boy passed away peacefully on my lap , in my own home few weeks ago. Dr Matthew has been very caring and gentle throughout the procedure and I truly wish all of the pet owner out there to explore this new way of pet care at your home service.
Last but not least, THANK YOU Dr Matthew ! I’m sure in the near future we will meet again once we have another dog in our family !- Candice (Sai bi)
testimonials3  I couldn’t thank Dr Matthew and Ashley enough for answering my urgent call for a home visit to treat my 12 year-old cat who had refused to eat 3 days in a row. Dr Matthew and Ashley are true professional, they asked detailed history about my cat, examined her carefully before they diagnosed her.  My cat was very calm in their hands without any struggle. I’m particularly pleased with their follow up calls and messages afterwards. When Dau Dau had a burst lump on her head about 2 months later, I didn’t think twice but called Ashley immediately, again they didn’t disappont me.  I will not even think of another option now but will definitely call Dr Matthew and Ashley if anything happens to Dau Dau because they both have proved to be most reliable and most importantly they have genuine care and love for animals.

-Veronica (Dau Dau)

testimonials2 Our cat “Mau Mau” suffered constipation and refused to eat and drink for a few days which made him very sick and started damaging other organs. Since he is mad every time leaving home, bringing him to see a Vet outside is almost impossible. We surfed the internet to look for a pet housecall service urgently.

And finally we are so lucky to find Homevet online and they responded very quickly and briefly asked for Mau Mau’s situation and directed what we should do before their visits. Dr Matthew and Ashley are so helpful and nice, quite different from other vets we have experienced before. They provided very professional diagnosis at our home for Mau Mau with full consideration of his mood and fear, at the same time they explained in detail to us what was happening to Mau Mau and provided all possible solutions on how to cure Mau Mau and make him feel better.

With their great care and follow up (they even texted us to update Mau Mau’s situations and comforted our worries in early morning and mid-nights! Really appreciated and unexpected!), Mau Mau got well very soon after their treatment and continuously monitoring. And with their extra help on re-arranging Mau Mau’s diet, he is now more healthy than before and this is all we would like to thank Dr Matthew and Ashley so much! Of course, we truly feel their love and passion to animals during the treatment for Mau Mau and with no regrets of choosing Homevet as Mau Mau’s dedicated Vet from now on. Thanks so much Homevet!

– Bonni & Zach (Mau Mau)

Sai B Homevet offers a very unique and convenient service. It avoids all the hassle of transporting your pet to a clinic where they tend to get stressed in unfamiliar surroundings. Dr Matthew offers a very economical and tailored service to suit your own circumstances and availability. He is well qualified, experienced and equipped to deal with routine check ups and extensive treatments for most ailments that pets suffer. I would highly recommend him to take care of your pets wherever you reside in Hong Kong. The service that Dr Matthew and his team has provided to me and my pets has been first class. Highly recommended!

-Peter (Scamper).

Sai B Wechai suffered from lip cancer, Dr. Matthew Murdoch and Ms Ashley Au to give him treatment inside my house, and they comply with professional and humane care advice; each visit from Dr Matthew and his team, Wechai wag his tail to welcome them. It is difficult to see a good relationship like this between pets and vet, we can see Wechai also enjoy receive high quality treatment in a safe environment. Dr Matthew often said to us: “Give Wechai quality and happy old age is the most important!” We fully agree with such a philosophy and attitude. In this eight to nine months of treatment, Wechai is happy, calm and stable. Wechai left us in his sleep with calm and peace, I believe he is now playing over the Rainbow Bridge. We give Wechai enclose a poem, this is our love to him.
Dr Matthew and Ms Ashley, thank you for the help, especially in Wechai most difficult days! !

We have no hesitation to recommend Homevet Pet Housecall Services to all our friends and family, and to all who aware how pet health importance it is.
-Sarinda and Raymond (Wechai).

Sai B Dr. Matthew is a very professional vet and he charges fairly reasonable price on stray animals which shows that he doesn’t only count his services as a business, but he also has a big heart towards animals.
I have a short-tempered St Bernerd, but Dr Matthew totally exhibits his profession on helping to heal my St Bernerd even my dog barks at him everytime he visits….
Deeply thanks to Dr Matthew for his hard work and kind caring heart to the sick animals.
It’s really great to have this kind caring and professional home visit vet in HK !
Vickie (Chu Chu).
testimonials3 Dr.Matthew, We appreciate for your care very much. Dr.Matthew, thank you very much.