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Atopica in Dogs2015/09/02

Atopica in dogs is a skin medication used in some allergic conditions. This drug is one of those used to help relieve the severe itching seen in dogs and cats who are affected by atopic dermatis (or “atopy”). Atopy is a very common condition in pets, caused by an allergy to inhaled allergens which include the common items such as house dust, house dust mites and pollens. Atopica is often used as an alternative to steroid treatment- to avoid any potential unpleasant steroid side effects from longer term use. Atopica works on the immune system to stop it over-reacting to the allergen.

Skin allergies in pets can be the cause of unpleasant symptoms such as constant itching, scratching and biting at themselves. If these are left untreated they will often continue for years, causing a big reduction in quality of life and keeping them miserable. Atopica in dog provides a dramatic improvement for most affected dogs – and it can also be used in cats.

Atopica is traditionally recommended to be given on an empty stomach, so no food should be given for 2 hours before or after the Atopica capsules. Vomiting might sometimes occur the first 1-2 times the medicine is tried, but should not continue in most dogs. If it does, stop it for 2 days, and next time just give it with the food is fine. Nowadays some skin specialists says its fine to give this all the time with food, if that’s easier than on an emply stomach. (Always consult a veterinarian to get the correct advise for your individual pets circumstances.)

Once the symptoms of itching and biting and scratching are under control, the dose can often be reduced and Atopica does not need to be given every day.

We have many other alternative options for treatment of an allergy to inhaled allergens – we can use ‘anti-allergy vaccines, or other alternative oral medications for example, as well as some dietary therapy and topical maedications. But this Atopica drug (and the generics also containing Cyclosporine) are well tested and safe and generally work well for skin allergies. If you live in Hong Kong, please contact us for more details.