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Vet in Tai Po2013/08/14

Tai Po is fortunate in having quite a large amount of green areas which is rare in Hong Kong’s towns. So there are plenty of places to walk dogs. Homevet has done quite a few housecalls in this region. The fact the area is quite spread out, and it’s quite a distance to a Veterinary clinic, makes a housecall attractive. Maybe through our service, we are in effect your nearest vet in Tai Po! (Of course all of the other standard benefits of a home visit, such as less stress for pets, less rushed, and being able to diagnose and treat things in a home-oriented way also apply here.)

Tai Po area itself also has many village houses, which are popular with pet owners because of the space (often a roof or a garden), as well as more some bigger developments like the Beverly Hills. There is a beautiful stretch of coastline near here with a great view of Tolo Harbour.

Tai Po covers a huge area, with villages and developments in locations that go halfway to Fanling in one way, towards Shek Kong the other and also  on the Ting Kok Road towards Tai Mei Tuk. Some good walks and cycling paths are scattered through this are and there are many pet owners attracted to living here.

Pets get the same health issues here as anywhere else in Hong Kong, please contact us if you live in the region and have any pet questions!