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Home pet euthanasia2013/08/14

 home pet euthanasia

Euthanasia of pets is a difficult and emotional journey, but unfortunately some animals may be in such massive pain or suffering that euthanasia is one of the only choices left. While some pets die of old age in the comfort of the home, some others do get seriously ill, or become perhaps injured or suffer problems as they grow very old. In these situations, pet owners may consider what is the best to help their companion’s quality of life.

Euthanasia maybe a choice one needs to face at these times. If it is the decision made, by choosing to stay in the secure and comfortable environment of your home, you allow all your family members, including your other pets, a place to privately say goodbye and express your grief.

In the veterinary clinic, it is impossible for this process to be as calm as it could be at home. Everybody would like their pet to just naturally pass away when the time is right for them. But some pets depending on their diseases or circumstances maybe in terrible pain or suffering, and if this is the case, home pet euthanasia is a release from this. Homevet places a high priority on being available and responsive to your animals needs and with our hope for a 24/7 service we try to be available when and where is necessary for this procedure as well as other more common treatments and services.

The privacy and comfort of your own home is usually the best location if one has the unfortunate need to have your pet dog or cat euthanased. Of course personally at Homevet we would try to find palliative care options to alleviate pain and attempt treatment rather than perform euthanasia, but in some cases there are no option and putting the pet to sleep is the kindest decision. We are here to help you consider your choices in a calm, fully supportive, and educated manner.

 Here is a link about ‘it’s very hard to send a Pet to Heaven’ from the National Geographic Magazine.

home pet euthanasia