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Vet in Sai Kung2013/08/18

Homevet has quite a lot of Sai Kung based veterinary housecalls, due to the fact that this area has so many pet owners, spread over many small villages. If you want a vet in Sai Kung, call us because we can go to your village wherever you are located. We operate 7 days a week, and at night times.

Sai Kung is sometimes described as the “Back Garden of Hong Kong” – a place where people in Hong Kong can enjoy hiking, a place with great scenery. It’s also a popular region which fills up with day-trippers on every weekend. They may be coming to wake-board or go on a junk trip, or just to eat the delicious fresh seafood.

Sai Kung is very popular with families, and with pet owners. In fact our principal Veterinarian Dr Matthew lives here, with his family. People are attracted to live in Sai Kung because of the clean air, space, and peace away from the city.

There are a couple of doggy attractions here apart from the hills and Country Park. There is the ‘new being Oasis’ which is a place for pet owners to take their dogs to relax.

Also, many dogs walk up and down the seafront promenade, this is perfect for walking along and people-watching (or pooch watching if you are 4 legged), and offers great views out over the bay. There is a great ‘pet loving community’ in Sai Kung, and we are proud to be part of it!