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Cat vet in HK2013/09/05

cat vet hk

Homevet are a useful Cat vet in HK- look at the questions below:

What do cats like? Many cats are very individual and different-

Maybe your cat loves for you to rub its coat softly and to scratch between its ears, or under its chin.

He possibly likes to lie around sleeping all day, then race around the flat and play with you when you come home.

Perhaps she likes to sit on your lap or sleep on your toes, or follow you into the bathroom. Or even just ignore you except when you open the can of food!


What do cats dislike?

Here cat owners can all agree, cats hate going to the vet!

What can we do to convince the cat that it’s in their best interest to go headfirst into a small plastic box (or bag), and get into a vehicle like a taxi, then to go sit in a smelly waiting room with large barking animals? can you blame her for being scared? That’s why when she comes home she has urinated all over the cage, and spends the next day hissing at all the other household members!

Housecalls (home-visits) are perfect for cats, because our experienced and dedicated team can diagnose and treat them at home, without needing to leave the comfort of their favorite pillow!

At Homevet, feline patients can benefit greatly from having their ‘check-up’ done at home. We try to keep a gentle, relaxed loving atmosphere during the vet visit so your cat stays calm. Our approach to medical care is personalised to each animal, owner, and their situation. While we don’t only see cats, cats are big winners with our Service, and certainly do love not having to actually go to a clinic if possible!