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Housecall Vet in Hong Kong2013/08/14

Housecall vet in Hong Kong

The services of a Housecall vet in Hong Kong, are a generally relatively new phenomenon for most people and people are excited to hear that compassionate and quality care is available at home for their pets in HK, at an affordable price.

One of the biggest fear that pet’s may ever have in their lives, is to go to the vet. The fear and trauma that they experience can either be due to the transporting (where some pets froth at the mouth when they get in the car) , or actually rather the environment at the clinic where they can smell the clinical detergent smells as well as the smell of medicines and other unfamiliar animals. It’s ironic, because of course through preventative care and diagnostic tools and medicines, the Veterinarian is just trying to help!

Homevet have found that by being a Housecall vet in Hong Kong, we usually can exceed all expectations in providing for the health and well-being of our patients at home. With blood tests, in-home touch-screen Ultrasound, in-home blood pressure and eye-pressure testing, we have the ability to do an amazing amount of services within the home. In this way pets are less stressed and get better quicker, if they are poorly.

If you have questions as to what services we can provide in a Veterinary House call, please contact us.