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Vet Hong Kong2013/11/01

vet hong kong

Vet Hong Kong: what is life like as a vet in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a fascinating exciting place, known for its famous skyline and deep harbour. With a population of seven million people, lots of skyscrapers but also conserved national parks in the hills of the New Territories, it’s a complex place of many contradictions.

In the same way, there are stray village dogs running around the villages, but posh poodles sitting in sky rise apartments in central. They get a variety of exposure to different tropical disease, like heartworm, tick fever, leptospirosis, to name just a few. But also the typical diseases of too-comfortable living, like diabetes or obesity, can also affect our pets in HK. Vet Hong Kong work is exciting and varied, and not without its medical challenges.

At Homevet, our veterinarian Dr Matthew, while UK trained, has over 8 years of experience of working as a Vet in Hong Kong. We believe that through our 24-7 housecall service, we are best positioned to offer genuine total care to your pets. Through food delivery, comfortable and stress-free housecall consultations, home-diagnostics like blood tests and touch-screen ultrasound, and our excellent Partner veterinary clinics, we can provide all the health care requirements your pets may ever have.

Veterinary medicine is the branch of science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals. But we also believe that it’s an art of care and nurturing wellness also. Prevention of health problems, and a focus on wellness, and quality of life, is our priority equally.

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