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Dog Training in Hong Kong2013/10/30

dog training hong kong

Dog training in Hong Kong is invaluable and can result in better behaved pets and a more harmonious household. Homevet can help give you recommendations on how to train your pets, and in addition we can refer you to experts to help you with this process.

Behavior is likely partly due to nature (internal factors) as well as nurture (external factors) and there are various successful methods to try to work with your pets to have a fun relationship, and also be the ‘pack leader’! A dog’s mother begins training puppies from the very time they are born. She tells them where they can and cannot do, and teaches them how to return to her and when to suckle milk. With the entry of a new pet to your household, you need to decide if you will train them, or will you let them train you! It’s better to start early have ground rules, and make decisions about what’s best behavior for your pets, rather than try to do this too late.

Many city dogs in Hong Kong, are often required to spend quite long periods of time inactive while you are busy at work. This is why dog training in Hong Kong is so important. Animal behavior experts or a dog trainer can help suggest ways to keep them happy and occupied. We can also recommend dog walkers to you.

Toilet training is another issue, and many new pet owners need advice on this. Homevet can give some advice, and also show you where to go for help! Contact us for details.