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Tai Tam Vet2013/12/16

Tai Tam Vet Services are provided by Homevet. Dr Matthew of Homevet has been working in Hong Kong for 8 years and is very familiar with all the medical conditions which pets get locally. With nearly 15 years of Veterinary experience, this British-run service can help provide comfort to your pets.


The present-day Tai Tam is the area around Tai Tam Tuk, the location of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir.The innermost of Tai Tam Bay is Tai Tam Harbour, close to Tai Tam Tuk. The Red Hill Peninsula just south of Tai Tam Road is an area of low-rise luxurious apartments and houses. Next to Tai Tam Bay is Tai Tam Harbour. Red Hill Peninsula is just south of Tai Tam Road. There is no veterinary clinic in Tai Tam or Redhill. These areas are popular with dog owners because it’s nice to go hiking with dogs on this part of Southside Hong Kong, around the Tai Tam Reservoir.

Veterinary Services:

Homevet does Veterinary Housecalls in this area, we have a 24/7 service. We have a partner clinic on HK island, but find that many services like blood tests and vaccinations can be done at home. We have also additional high tech equipment with us, and are able to do abdominal ultrasound, blood pressure testing, urine testing, and ocular pressure testing all within the home situation, without any stress or fear.

Please contact us on for enquiries.