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Tai Po Kau Veterinary Services2013/12/28

Tai Po Kau Area:

Tai Po Kau Veterinary Services: where is Tai Po Kau? Tai Po Kau is an area south of the town of Tai Po in Hong Kong. It is located at the estuary of rivers and Tai Po Hoi. It’s an interesting area which is adjacent to the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. Unlike HK Country Parks, there are no barbecue areas or campsites, the focus is on the local flora and fauna and especially the forest ecology.

There are many private residential developments in this area also, as it’s lucky to have a large amount of green areas which is rare in Hong Kong, but yet it’s well connected to major road links. This area spans the region between Tai Po Market station, and University KCR station.

Veterinary work:

Homevet pet housecall service do frequent housecalls to this area, and provide medical care at home for pets living here. For cats, larger dogs, multi-pet households, nervous pets, aged animals, or just very busy pet owners, there are many reasons why a Veterinary Housecall can have advantages of transporting a pet to a clinic. Please call us for more information on Tai Po Kau Veterinary services and learn how we may be of service here in this region, or elsewhere.