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Causeway Bay Vet2013/12/16

 Causeway Bay Vet services are provided by Homevet Housecall Service. We can attend to pets in the home, doing vaccines and health checks there, as well as more complex items like ultrasound and blood tests. For hospitalization and surgeries, we transport your pets to our partner clinic which is close to this district and also on HK island.

Causeway bay is a very busy area and it’s not easy getting around to go to a veterinary clinic, whether with your pets, or to just go and pick up food and medicines- so at Homevet we can make all this process much more pet friendly (and pet-parent friendly also)! Comfort and convenience!

Causeway Bay is an intensely built-up area of Hong Kong, located on the Hong Kong Island, and also covers parts of Wan Chai and the Eastern districts. Before city development and all the land reclamation, Causeway Bay was actually a fishing village and heavily silted bay. Now it’s developed into Hong Kong’s major shopping district. It includes Sogo and Times Square. Quite a lot of pet owners live here, and although the nearby park Victoria Park is mostly a no-dogzone, you might see one or two here after midnight.

Homevet regularly is doing housecalls and attending pets in this area. Please call us or What’sApp on 9860 5522 to make a booking, or enquiry.