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Mobile Vet in Hong Kong2013/07/31

Mobile Vet- what is it?

With a mobile veterinary service, we can bring the same quality of care, state of the art equipment, and level of services found at the veterinary clinic, to you. In fact we believe that veterinary medicine should be a balance between Science and Care, and that with home-orientated veterinary care, we can increase the emphasis on the ‘care’ and ‘welfare’ aspects much better, than at the clinic.

We are thrilled to be bringing a new way of experiencing veterinary care to Hong Kong. We have a strong belief that no animal should be in pain or sick if there is a way to prevent it or treat it.  Age also is not a disease (and will come to all of us) and many signs and symptoms of “getting old” can be helped with good care. With excellent home-oriented care we are in a perfect position to advise on keeping pets mobile and happy.

There is much less stress and trauma for your pet at home, there is no waiting and inconvenience, there is no exposure to other sick animals, no big scary dogs poking their noses into cat baskets, or cats screaming back at dogs!

There is there is no time lost going to a vet clinic in a taxi. And when we arrive, we are focused only on the health and well-being of your pets, and it’s an unrushed caring home visit.


We do:

Have a customized vehicle in which we come to your apartment or house.

We do have a veterinary assistant who comes with the vet, so that they can help with holding animals and doing blood tests or other procedures.

Have specialized portable veterinary equipment such as ultrasound, blood pressure machines, which we can use to get the diagnosis at home with none or minimal time in the clinic.

Come out 7 days a week and, and at night times.

We don’t:

Do home surgeries, as clearly anesthesia can be far more safely provided and monitored in a hospital environment. Instead we help transport your pet to the clinic where the surgery can be performed.

Do home anesthesia or sedation, as we again feel these things are better done at a clinic where the proper monitoring can be provided.

Have a massive trailer or Portakabin in which we park ouside your buildings to do the work; we prefer that the pet’s are in your own home for the most stress-free patient examination, rather than doing the treatment or examinations in a mobile van which also involves stress.


In Summary:

We hope to provide the most professional and caring veterinary experience your pet has ever had!