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Vet in Hong Kong- frequently asked Questions for Homevet2013/07/28

 What is different between a mobile vet and going to the clinic?

Vet clinics and hospitals can be scary places, and many pets are nervous of going there, and also even nervous of being caught and put in a box to go to the clinic (in the case of cats), and find  transport to the clinic in a taxi or car worrying also. A good example we have is of one of our elderly cat patients who we saw recently. They had gone to a clinic in the morning, but it was decided there that they were ‘impossible’ to handle because they were so scared, so hissing and screaming in the cat carrier. Fortunately, at home later the same day, they were lovely and relaxed, and we were able to give some urgently needed treatment by injections, without any problem. Animals experience a much lower anxiety level when the vet visits the home, rather than going to the clinic.

What are the prices of your visits?

We are not allowed to put our prices on the website, however please What’s App us or email or call and we will let you know. Rest assured that we are probably cheaper than you would expect, our visit price (including the transport, visit, and consultation) is about the same price as you would probably pay to get a taxi to a clinic + the clinic consultation fee. Because we do house-calls full time, 7 days a week, we are able to be far cheaper than most clinics would charge for a housecall.

 How is your home visit appointment different from a regular clinic consultation?

 It’s very unrushed. We try for quality of care, not quantity. We want to be always available, and to provide exceptional customer service at all times. We always want you to be knowledgeable and feel comfortable when making decisions about your pet’s healthcare.

 How is Homevet unique?

There are not many clinics where you can What’s App the staff questions, and the vets are available 24/7 to come out and see you. We work the nights and weekends as pets can get sick then also. The vet is UK trained and has 13 years experience, 8 years of this locally. We have a customer base spread all over Hong Kong as we serve all locations. Our Practice Manger Ms Au can explain the Cantonese or Putonghua medical terms, and normally comes with the vet to provide a very professional service.


What can you do in the housecall? Only vaccines?

We do blood tests, ultrasound with a latest-generation touch screen Ultrasound machine. Anything you can do in a veterinary consulting room, we can do and more. Yes we also do vaccination and general check-ups.


Where is your clinic based?

Homevet is on the road all the time, doing exclusive housecalls. We have partner clinics, one in Hong Kong Island, one in the New Territories, and one in Kowloon, please contact us for details. With working closely with these clinics we can provide a fully comprehensive premier service, if your pet ever did need surgery or hospitalization. But generally we like to keep the pets at home, as they are always more happy in their home environment.

We feel through loving, home-based care for your pet, we can help you experience the most convenient and caring veterinary experience for your pet that is possible.