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Wu Kai Sha Vet2013/10/24

 wu kai sha vet

Wu Kai Sha Vet services are conveniently provided by Homevet. Wu Kai Sha is located between Sai Sha Road and Sha On Street, near the edge of Ma On Shan town. It used to be one of a few small villages at the shore of Tolo Harbour, in the New Territories. It is now a growing new extension to Ma On Shan, comprised of many new developments. There is an  ESF International Kindergarten, and the new town is a very short drive from Sai Kung and Tai Po and Sha Tin, so it’s a convenient location.

There are beautiful walks to be had along the pedestrianized harbor-side and lots of opportunities for cycle trails also. For pet lovers and dog owners, its possibly a good place to live because of the easy access to the Sai Kung Country park, as well as the harbor side.

Homevet Veterinary Housecall Practice are available to visit pets at home in this area, and so although there is no veterinary clinic in Wu Kai Sha, we are able to cater for any pet health problems in dogs and cats and other pets, in this area, with our home-oriented vet services.