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Vet in Tin Hau2014/01/03

Vet in Tin Hau: Tin Hau and Tai Hang are closely connected areas and Homevet does regular veterinary  housecalls here.

The Area:

Tin Hau  is in eastern Causeway Bay, it’s close to an MTR (Tin Hau Station), and is close to Tin Hau Temple. The harbor used to come right up to the tram-tracks here and Victoria Park was built on reclaimed land. Other notable landmarks here are Central Library, and nearby St Pauls’s hospital.

Tai Hang is a residential area named after a stream running off the hills here (The Big Water Channel) and is a mixture of a village of old walk-up buildings, and some flats. Roads include Tung Lo Wan Road and Tai Hang Road.

These areas are quite popular for pet owners who may be attracted to living in a slightly quieter part of HK Island.

Homevet Housecalls:

Homevet come here regularly to do pet housecalls, it’s particularly good for cats, nervous or larger dogs, and aged animals. We prefer to be home-oriented and not stress pets out with too many trips to the vets. And modern technologies means most things can be easily done at home. Good news for pets, and for busy pet-parents too!

Tin Hau Vet Housecalls and Tai Hang Vet Housecalls can be booked 7 days a week, please contact us for details.