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Shek O Veterinary Service2014/01/19

Shek O Veterinary Service can be provided by Dr Matthew and his team at Homevet. We enjoy coming to the beautiful beach-side village of Shek O, in south-eastern HK.

Homevet is Hong Kong’s mobile housecall clinic, we cover all of Hong Kong and come to Shek O and other parts of Southside Hong Kong regularly. In the home, we can do simple items like vaccines and consultations. Or we can also provide more advanced services like 2nd opinion consultations, home-ultrasound, blood tests, blood or ocular pressure tests, etc.

Shek O is quite a drive from a clinic, and so instead of putting nervous dogs or cats through a car ride, we can come to you! We are proud to offer a weekend service also. We also can do food and medications deliveries. Please contact us for enquiries about our Shek O Veterinary Service.