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Pet Export Health Certificates2014/01/20

Pet export health Certificates are regularly done by Homevet as part of a role in checking the health of pets leaving Hong Kong. Hong Kong has quite a mobile population and the number of people relocating into or out of the Territory to overseas is quite large.

Every pet needs certifying before transport that it is fit for travel, i.e. is healthy enough to fly. As well as being a legal requirement for the airlines and the Governments, it’s of course also a sensible precaution for the pets as it ensures that any health issues are picked up prior to travel. For pets (and people) airplane travel can be stressful, and any unknown health problem could become more serious with a long flight, if it was an important but untreated or unknown issue.

Pet export health certificates can be done by us at home, as this allows the pets to be examined in their normal comfortable environment. Pet relocation is a stressful process and so if we can make some of the steps easier by assisting you in doing some of the health checks at home, then that is great for both the pets and for you (who must have 101 other tasks to also do to get the household relocated, other than just going to the veterinary clinic!).

Feel free to contact us for more information on how we may be able to assist with this service.