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Feline Vets in Hong Kong2014/01/19

Feline Vets in Hong Kong- Homevet Veterinary Practice caters for a lot of cats. For cat lovers, we offer a truly dog-free environment- your home! (Assuming you have no dogs!) We are not exclusively-feline but we do see a lot of cats.

Cats are able to hide their illnesses well. Once cats start to display obvious signs or symptoms of illness, their medical condition may have progressed quite far. Many people avoid taking their cat to the vet for annual vaccines, because they think that the stress of the trip to the vet outweighs the value of the vaccines- and perhaps because as indoor cats, they question the need of an annual vaccination.

At Homevet, we suggest having a consultation and physical examination at least once a year to check over your cats. We can use this  opportunity to make sure that we are not missing any small medical issues. Because we are a housecall practice, the check-ups for your cats are of course much lower stress. Preventative medicine is our goal.  Early detection of diseases may perhaps prolong your pet’s life span.

Many of our cats are in Multi-cat Households and we are able to help give an insight into health issues in this situation also.

By avoiding a trip to the vet hospital, your cat will experience less stress, will heal better, recover quicker and most will actually enjoy seeing the housecall vet. It’s good for your cat, and for you!

Our services include blood tests, sub-cutaneous fluid injections, ultrasound, vaccines, blood pressure tests, ocular pressure tests, and more. Please contact us for details.