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Vet in Pokfulam2013/11/18

There is no clinic with a Vet in Pokfulam, however Homevet Pet Housecall Service do come to Pok Fu Lam very often and have many clients in this region. Nowadays veterinary housecalls are more than good enough to cater for most of the routine veterinary needs of pets (vaccines, treatments for minor ailments etc) however in addition Homevet is able to provide a 24/7 coverage and also do advanced items like blood testing and ultrasound, within the home. We feel with our home-oriented care that it provides a more comfortable service for the pets and this allows them to have less stress and recover better. We have a partner clinic located not far away who helps us handle any need for hospitalisations, or surgeries.

Pok Fu Lam is an interesting area, historically the first reservoir in Hong Kong was constructed here (and pet lovers can enjoy taking their dogs for a walk in this area nowadays) but also there used to be  a Dairy Farm here providing milk for Hong Kong- although now this has gone.

 Bel-Air is a large residential block in this area, (and The Belcher’s is not so far away although much more close into the town). Cyberport is also adjacent which is a futuristic-looking complex that was built to become the region’s information communication technology hub. The Cyberport area’s biggest attraction for visitors is the waterfront park, which has been called a “dog park” because it is relaxed about dogs going there. Residence Bel Air is popular with pet owners because of the space here, and cleaner air at this side of HK island.

Housecalls- Homevet run a 7 days a week service so please contact us on 9860 5522 to schedule a visit. Your pets will love it!