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Kowloon Tong Vet2013/11/08

Kowloon Tong Vet services are conveniently and comfortably provided 7 days a week, by Homevet Pet Housecall Service.

Kowloon Tong area

Kowloon Tong is a beautiful old residential district, and it is a neighborhood popular with pet owners.  The streets are broad and tree lined, and street names are mostly named after counties in England (such as Hereford  Road, Suffolk Road). Areas of interest in Kowloon Tong include Beacon Hill, Festival Walk shopping centre, and Broadcast Drive where many of the TV stations are based. It also has many famous schools. La Salle Road is one of the long roads in this district. The wide streets, and very quiet district, mean it’s a nice place to walk a dog if you live locally with a dog.

Yau Yat Tsuen Garden City is very close to this area also. It is at the foot of Beacon Hill. It is also a similar quiet residential area and pets enjoy the gentle walks in the neighbourhood.

Vets in Kowloon Tong

This district is largely residential and there are no clinics very local to it. This is why Homevet veterinary House calls are the best option. You and your pet can relax in the familiarity of your own home instead of dealing with the inconveniences of having to take them to a clinic further away.

Pets on the whole (especially cats) really don’t like travelling, or the noises and scents associated with a veterinary clinic. So having the vet come to you, has many advantages. We operate a 24/7 service, and for most occasions a nurse comes with the doctor, to assist. We advise for any veterinary services in Kowloon Tong, Yau Yat Tsuen, and Beacon Hill, you give us  a call. One of our partner clinics is located quite close to this area also.

Please contact us for any further enquiries on our prices and services offered.