Synoquin for dogs (chewable)

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SYNOQUIN® EFA is made using high purity, high quality glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and Dexahan

High quality glucosamine and chondroitin are recognised as key ingredients in the fight against joint degeneration

The combination of glucosamine and Dexahan has been shown to have a better effect on osteoarthritic pain that just glucosamine alone

We sell the chewable form (but you can email us to order the capsule sprinkler form) it’s 120 chewable tabs/ pack for medium and large breed packs, and 90 chewable tabs/ pack for small dogs.

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All pet owners want to see their dog healthy, fit and enjoying life. Dogs love to exercise and they depend on healthy joints to allow for smooth, pain-free running and jumping.
The structure of joints and cartilage provide the body with a natural flexibility and shock-absorbing mechanism to cope with daily activity. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors including age-related changes in joint structure, traumatic injury, developmental abnormalities and repeated over-use, cartilage and joints are frequently subjected to damage.

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Large breed >25kg, medium breed10-25kg, small breed<10kg

1 review for Synoquin for dogs (chewable)

  1. Aman (verified owner)

    These chewable tablets indeed can maintain my girl’s joint to pain-free running and jumping.
    She enjoys to take the tablets everyday.

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