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Clearwater Bay Vet Services2013/07/17

Where is Clearwater bay?

Clear Water is a bay on the East shore of Clear Water Bay Peninsula of Hong Kong, and it is inside Clearwater Bay Country Park. The two main beaches in Clear Water Bay, are called Clear Water Bay 1st beach and Clear Water Bay 2nd beach. Clearwater bay juts into the sea in the South-eastern New Territories, and is just next to  Sai Kung’s many small outlying islands, and has a great number of hills as well as smaller beaches and rocky areas. Here is a link showing what you can do on a day out here!

What about veterinary services in Clearwater Bay?

For dog walkers it’s a perfect place to live and also walk one’s pets. Is there a Clearwater Bay Vet? There are no veterinary clinics really in this area, as its pretty rural with not many shops, and so we have found ourselves doing quite a lot of calls here as it’s more convenient to have a housecall rather than drive far to a clinic. Most people live in village houses here so with this low density living, it can mean it’s harder to get to a clinic if you don’t drive a car.  And of course, it’s the usual story of actually many pets getting freaked out by cars and veterinary clinics, and so a home visit by our vet being far more pet friendly than a nerve-wracking trip to a clinic. (Please contact us if you want to know more about our Homevet pet housecall service in this area).

What diseases affect pets here?

The normal ailments which affect most pets are common here. However there are a couple of other diseases which are less common for city dwellers. These include Tick Fever (a blood disease which can occur after being bitten by ticks), Skin problems in any dogs which are kept living outside, and Leptospirosis which comes from stagnant water contaminated with rats urine.

On the whole, most of the pets here are pretty fit however as the dogs probably get more walking here than in many parts of the city!