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Pet Cremation: What happens to pets when they pass away?2013/07/10

Nobody wants our pets to leave us. And when they pass away, we want to know that there are truly at peace and in a safe place.

For this reason, we recently decided to visit some of the Hong Kong pet crematoriums so we could meet their staff and see for ourselves, what the staff and facilities are like, at pet crematoriums.

We wanted to find a dignified, personal service dedicated to the loving memory of your family pet.


What’s available in Hong Kong?

There are a number of animal crematoriums for dogs and cats in Hong Kong, and we list some of their details and services at the bottom. We would suggest that you contact them directly to get a better idea of their services.

Some people choose to have their pets ashes returned to them after the ceremony, (in an urn usually, rather than a casket). Others will allow the ashes to be scattered in a sea burial, or in a ‘garden’ belonging to the cremation company. While in Hong Kong we can’t dig a grave in a Cemetery for an animal’s burial, there are still many personalised options for a funeral with dignity.

Others keep the pets ashes in a Niche in the premises of the Crematorium, this allows them to come perhaps every week to visit the Niche. Remembrance in this way is also very special.


How can I find out more?

We would suggest that you contact the Animal cremation companies directly to enquire about them in more detail. It’s useful to consider animal memorials before the time comes, so you are more prepared.

Homevet is occasionally involved with the very sick animals, or home pet euthanasia  (the putting to sleep of critically ill animals who have no hope) and while some of our work is very sad, we were heartened to see that the Hong Kong pet cremation companies operate in a very professional and caring manner. Pet loss is very hard to bear. They are part of your life, forever giving true friendship and love; so when they leave they are gone but not forgotten.


Websites and Phone numbers  (in alphabetical order)

Goodbye Dear 2951 0819

H.K. Pet’s Hospice Care Service  2755 6000

Hong Kong Pet Memorial 2332 7117

Love Forever Pets 6577 6000 / 6723 5000

Pet in Peace Memorial 9424 1138

Tender Loving Creatures 2115 3151