Vetrin medical Oralade



  • Critial care paitent
  • Fast rehydration
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Product Description

Oralade is an exciting new product that enables critical care feeding in the first 24hrs. A simple ready to use formula, it contains; Purified water, Amino acids, Electrolytes and Simple Glucose. Easy to digest and fast to absorb, it quickly nourishes the intestine cells and provides fast effective hydration.

Vetrin Medical has launched Oralade, an isotonic solution that provides micro-enteral nutritional support for critically ill patients. Oralade is designed for day-one use in critical care patients and is also beneficial for pre- and postsurgical applications. It offers rehydration benefits for cats and dogs suffering from loss of fluids during stress, strenuous exercise or heatstroke. The product has a natural chicken-flavor base that encourages patients to drink.


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